Upgrading Windows Server

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Converted my Mac Mini 2014 to run Window Server 2016 Standard for the last few years running 24//7. Some of the services running on the Windows Server was DHCP, Active Directory, and DNS. Joined my home computers to my home domain.

My plan is to retire my Mac Mini and convert it back to run MacOS Monterrey. In the future I plan to replace the Mac Mini Intel for a M1 or M2 model. I purchased this small pc from the brand Goodtico. The specs are the following: J4125 Celeron, 8GB DDR4, 128GB SSD (replaced it with 256GB from my laptop), fan-less and low power draw.

Purchased Windows Server Standard 2022 key and installed it on the mini pc. Managed to migrate the DHCP scope, AD users, and DNS entries without any issues. Been working great.

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