Desktop GPU Upgrade

I am a patient man who can wait out a situation until it is one’s interest to act. With this GPU shortage and the lack of budget gaming GPU it makes it difficult to...


Pimp my 3D Printer

After using my 3D printer for a while and having printed several projects.  I wanted to take my printing to the next level and upgrade a few things.  While researching on how to make...


Mumble Voice Chat

The third project on the Pi rack is deploying Mumble. I enjoy having game chat with the people I game.  It does not take that much resources to run this application.  The many reasons...


Pi-Hole Network Ad Blocker

The second Raspberry Pi (RPi) to be installed on my Raspberry Pi rack is Pi-Hole.  I enjoyed the reduction of ads on my internet in the past using Pi-Hole.  I read up on another...



My first project to tackle on the Raspberry Pi Rack is NextCloud.  Nextcloud is an forked project from Owncloud.  Essentially, it is having your own Google Suite that you own and control.  There was...


Home Theater PC 2021 Upgrade

Another computer upgraded in the same month? YES! Seems I have built the trifecta.  Home Server, Main Desktop and now my HTPC.  All I running X570 motherboards, running 32GB and Ryzen 5 5600X CPU’s. ...


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