Guest WiFi – NFC

After seeing this video recommended by YouTube, it made me think if there was a cheaper DIY alternative.  During my research of this potential project.  I found that someone else had made a commercial...


Guest WiFi – QR Codes

While checking out Tech articles and videos. I stumbled upon on how people connect their guest’s devices onto their guest network. With only using a QR code?  When family visits some have asked to...


NVIDIA Shield Remote

Lately, I have been noticing the original NVIDIA remotes on my Shield have issues.  I have multiple NVIDIA Shields throughout my home.  The batteries were replaced once a year. Now, I see the low...


Final Fantasy 4

Some of my top 10 games that I thoroughly enjoy would include Final Fantasy 4.  I originally played this game on the Super Nintendo as Final Fantasy 2.  I had bought this game on...


Creating a Clonezilla USB Drive

I enjoy using Clonezilla.  It is a great Open Source software that helps backup and re-image your computers.  It works on on all platforms.  I have used Clonezilla to make images on Apple computers...


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