Upgrading Car Audio

Been rocking my OEM car stereo since I purchased my ride. The audio system has been ok at best. I noticed the AUX connection was not working well with my new phone. Since newer smartphones use USB-C and no AUX 3.5mm connector. I figured it was time to upgrade my Car Stereo. Watched several YouTube videos on the process. Purchased the following items for this project:

  1. Auto Trim Removal Tool
  2. Speaker Adapter x2
  3. Rav4 Dash Kit
  4. Car Stereo
  5. Aftermarket Stereo Harness
  6. Speaker Adapter Cables
  7. Butt Splice Connectors
  8. Kenwood 6.5 speakers x2

Used the Auto Trim tools to pry and remove the outer plastic trim. Then used a 10mm socket with ratchet and removed the screws from the OEM Stereo. Then unplugged the stereo harness. At my work table, I connected the aftermarket harness to the new stereo using butt splice connectors. Then on most of the cables I would use a heat shrink to further seal the cable. Then added the adapters to the new stereo and installed back into the dashboard. Just worked my way in reverse order by taking notes and pictures.

Then I went to each door and tore it apart to get to the door speakers. Using the Auto Trim tool. The first door was a bit difficult but caught on quickly and felt more confident on removing the door panels. Used drill bits to break the rivet that was holding the speaker in place. Then added the speaker adapters and made slight adjustments for the screw to line up. Added the cable adapters for the speakers. Then finally connected and mounted the speakers. I used this video as a guide.

After I turned on the stereo I contacted the company and got the updated file and now have the Toyota Emblem on startup. The audio is a lot more clearer and sounds louder. Great project. Here are some of the pictures of the installation.

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