2nd Video Card Upgrade

I was able to score another Video Card through Micro Center for my Home Theater PC (HTPC). Finally, I get to upgrade my NVIDIA 1050ti to another Power Color RX6600 series card. I had to triple check my measurements within my HTPC case. The GPU card on my main desktop was a lot bigger than what I expected. Seemed from the dimensions of the card it would fit onto my case.

After I my trip at Micro Center installed the card right away. It was the last piece of my long awaited computer upgrades. After this I am done for the next few years. Did I overpay for this card? Its relative. I could wait for an NVIDIA 3050TI but with the tariff taxes and with current price gouging from stores and scalpers. I decided to wait. When I saw the prices for the NVIDIA 3050 and NVIDIA 2060 the RX6600 was in the middle for price and performance. The RX6600 outperforms the NVIDIA 3050TI for about the same price range. Except the RX6600 is readily available for pickup. I went with TEAM RED (AMD) for this round. None of my current games I play require Ray Tracing. For video editing and streaming this GPU will do.

Here are some of the pictures of the upgrade.

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