Desktop GPU Upgrade

I am a patient man who can wait out a situation until it is one’s interest to act. With this GPU shortage and the lack of budget gaming GPU it makes it difficult to find a decent card. My respect to the Crypto Miners but the GPU manufacturers are the ones to blame to a degree. Not the full blame. With the shutdowns/lockdowns it created silicon shortages which created a giant shortages across the board. From GPU to Car Chips shortages. Also with Crypto Mining gaining attention.

I have been a very happy NVIDIA customer with their shield tv boxes, tablet, and GPU cards. Everyone wants an RTX card but I am not paying NVIDIA PREMIUM tax on top of tariffs. As I started doing my research my relatives had suggest I look at team red for the price/performance. I am a big fan of AMD Ryzen CPUs. What I found was the AMD RX6600 was readily available and overlooked on many tech websites. The performance was better than the NVIDIA 3050TI GPU. I really wanted the 3050TI to upgrade from a 1050TI that was purchased in 2016. I am grateful my card lasted this long and gave me no issues. But it was time to get with this current generation of tech.

I found this Asrock RX6600 on Newegg. It was priced on par with the NVIDIA 3050TI and NVIDIA 2060 (USED) except the RX6600 was readily available to ship. No getting in line, No Newegg Raffle, as it should be. Is it pricey? If I get 3 years use out of it from Video Editing, Streaming and Video Game playing it is worth it for now until prices correct in the next few years.

Here are some of the pictures of the upgrade.

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