About Me

Greetings Everyone,

Whomever drops by and checks this website out may wonder what is the purpose, idea, origin behind this website?  What is “Loboknight”? I hope to answer those questions below:

  1. Loboknight is just my game moniker.  Most online videos games require a “usertag” to identify yourself while playing online games.  Lobo & Knight are two words I fused together.  I love wolves since they can roam alone or run with a pack.  Big fan of armored “knight” super heroes such as Iron Man, War Machine, Tekkaman, Samurai Troopers and etc.
  2. This website main purpose is for documenting my tech journey of what I learned over time.  The content is to learn about web hosting, domains, email accounts, web design, social media integration, online video sharing, video editing, video capture, video training, video reviews and much more.
  3. The second purpose is a test website.  What I tinker in the background, layout, or add new feature.  I see what works and does not work and may decide to use it in other of my projects.  What you may see in my other websites, came out originally from this website.
  4. This serves as a Digital Portfolio.  Showcasing my past jobs, current certifications, and projects that I have completed or working on.
  5. This website will primarily display Technology Projects, Video Games, and possible other hobbies that grab my attention.  You will not see any personal family content on this website.

I will add more with time.  That is it for now.

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