Docker Server

After much consideration, I decided to repurpose my Raspberry Pi rack project. I can not find any Raspberry Pi’s online or at my local stores. Refusing to pay double or triple the price for a Raspberry Pi. When I can purchase computer parts for close to retail price. I will repurpose my Raspberry Pi 4 (4 total) into other projects. Stay tuned.

The Specs are the following:
-2U Rack Case
-AMD Ryzen 5 5600
-Asus Prime B450M-A II
-2x 6TB 7200RPM 128Cache RAID 1 via Ubuntu
-Hot swappable hard drive cage
-2x Noctua 80mm 4pin Fans
-Radeon HD 5450
-650 Modular Power Supply
-Dual Intel NIC

Installed Ubuntu Server 22.04 with SSH access. Configured both hard drives as RAID 1. Setup 802.3ad on the dual NIC to work as one. Netgear managed switch was able to accommodate this. Previously setup my OpenMediaVault server to run with 802.3ad as well. Has been working well for months. I will make an updated post to disclose what I installed on this server. Here are the pictures of the build.


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