Kdenlive Review

I appreciate and am grateful for the Open Source Community. They never seize to amaze me.  After working on DaVinci Resolve Video Editor which is a solid product.  I found two Video Editor software to try out.  One is Shotcut and the other is Kdenlive.  I tried Shotcut and it did not vibe with me.  Overall, Kdenlive was more comfortable to use for me.  I noticed a couple of YouTubers who use this product.  Such as Lawrence Systems and Chris Titus.  After using it and tweaking the software.  It just works for me.  I refuse to pay a monthly service fee to Cyberlink or Adobe.  This fits the bill.  There is a lot of support training videos on how to use Kdenlive.  The one additional thing for me is that it runs on Linux.  Making my migration over to Linux a little more seamless in the near future.  If you are in the market for a simple video editor that runs on Windows and Linux try Kdenlive.

Here are some training videos that I found useful.

Lawrence Systems

Playlist of Kden Live Tutorials


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