Xbox 360 Controllers

I had a few Xbox 360 controllers from a previous Xbox 360 console that I retired long ago. I kept those controllers that were later re-purposed for PC gaming.  I still have an “Newer” Xbox 360 Slim that has its own controller that is used rarely.  Lately, playing a lot of games on my Steam account.  I noticed that on one controller the joystick broke.  I could have purchased a newer controller.  I wanted to see if I could repair it before giving up on it.  The White controller was from my first Xbox 360 console from 2009 (according to my amazon order history).  This controller has been around for a while.  I also noticed the 2nd controller joystick was looking a bit similar.  Figured to try my luck and replace the Joysticks and D-pad and see what happens.

I found these two great YouTube Tutorials.  YouTube #1 and YouTube #2.  I ordered my parts from Fruugo.  Took forever to get the parts due to the pandemic.  Took a few minutes to replace the parts.  I took some pictures of the tear down and replacement of the buttons.  My controllers feel like new now.  Now the fun part is to “Beta” test these controllers now.



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