NVIDIA K1 Tablet Custom ROM

Finally, decided to work on my NVIDIA Tablet.  This tablet was the top of the line back in the day.  It has the Tegra CPU chip. Which this tablet got discontinued and the CPU used for the Nintendo Switch. The last Operating System upgrade for the tablet was Android 7.0.  I was unaware there was a following for this tablet.  Seem there have been a dedicate group that was working and released a Custom ROM running Android 8.1.  As of this writing Android 11 got announced but Android version 10 is what is current.  Wanted to give new life to this tablet and bring up to upgraded Android Release.  Of course it is unofficial and your miles may vary when installing any unofficial Android version.

After testing, configuring and learning about rooting my device, wiping, installing and fine tuning.  The end result seems to be the tablet is working a lot more smoother on the Android 8.1 version. I used the custom ROM from this group.  I tried this other version Lineage, the issue was the native camera app did not work and kept on seeing few errors here and there.  This is where I appreciate the Android Community for extending the life of devices.  If it was an Apple device, I would not be able to do this and extend its functionality a little bit more.

What I plan on using this tablet for is to Cast the Android screen and make videos.  I also plan on making it to a Stream Deck for upcoming Twitch Streams.

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