Saint Seiya – Soldier’s Soul

Did you get a smirk when you watched the Intro?  Was working on getting the tweaks ironed out on OBS (Open Broadcast Software).  I needed a game to test out the video capture and streaming.  I decided to play Saint Seiya Soldier’s Soul.  It is based on the Anime of Saint Seiya.  It has the 4 story arcs.  I saw the initial Sanctuary Arc with my Uncle growing up.  Found out years later that other older relatives watched this Anime religiously.  It is very popular in Japan, Latin America, and more in Brazil.  I grew up watching Dragon Ball Z and Saint Seiya was not on my radar.  It has many things that checked off my like list, Greek Story, Fighting, Armors, and Zodiac/Constellations were taken into consideration.  Similar to Final Fantasy Tactics and how the Zodiac Signs played a role on the characters stats.  Its a 3D fighting game that you have to take into consideration offense, defense and when to strike and when to back off.  Most fighting games have you spam the controllers and button mash and maybe get a win.  This game makes you think of strategy and adapt on your feet while in combat.  At first it was one punch wonder then getting the opponents habits, ticks and when to strike.  I got a few PERFECT wins which I recorded one of them.  I got through all 4 story arcs and it stays true to the Anime.  The game is definitely worth a try.

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