OBS – Open Broadcast Studio

Been spending time configuring and testing Open Broadcast Studio.  OBS for short.  It is an Open Source recording/streaming software.  There are many products that do similar function.  Such as Bandicam, GeForce Experience, Player.me, Streamlabs and etc.  Some software applications are standard screen record and/or combine the streaming functionality.  Being Open Source software, it has great user support and tutorials on YouTube and via Search Engines.  Plus, having a relative who is handy in Photoshop is bonus. Like any other product, the more you use it the more you find what you can do with it.  This process of learning this software gave me greater insight into Video Streaming.  Getting an idea on how our favorite YouTubers/Twitch Streams do what they do.  From the behind the scenes perspective. I can see the many applications in regard to Remote Training, Remote Church Services, YouTube Shows, Podcasts, and etc.  Pairing a “Stream Deck” to your OBS takes it to the next level.

I am enclosing the resources that I used.

How to stream to Facebook

How to configure OBS

How to add Overlays

How to add a Countdown Timer

For the Free OBS Resources in regard to Overlays and extras.

Gael Level

Overlay Templates

Free Livestream Graphics

Nerd or Die


Many Professional Streamers use the Elgato Stream Deck that is priced over $140 dollars.  There are free alternatives in the Open Source Community.  One can re-purpose an old tablet/phone for this use.  Luckily, I plan on using my NVIDIA K1 Tablet.  There are two Deck software that are popular.  Both are free and work.  Touch Portal and Macro Deck.  I will be using Macro Deck.  There is a two part download.  Downloading Macro Deck on your Android Device and also on your Win/Mac Computer.

Here are the links.

OBS Addon Installed

Macro Deck Tutorial #1

Macro Deck Tutorial #2

Another future project is to make a Raspberry PI Stream Deck with a Touch Screen.  I found this open source project named StreamPi.


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