Need For Speed – Shift

The silver lining of this Beer Virus.  You have to keep yourself busy by working on many projects.  I am just trying to catch up and get through some of my backlog of video games.  I tried out and completed Need for Speed – Shift.  It is a good racing video game.  It has about 50 levels, but you can beat the game at about half of that.  There are many types of races such as Time Trials, Rivals, Lap Races, Manufacture only races, racing classes to name a few.  You can customize and upgrade your cars and purchase others with the in-game currency.  My favorite cars are the Nissan Skyline and the Ford GT 500 Shelby “Eleanor” edition.  I liked Shelby before the Ford v Ferrari film.  Which is a great film and a must watch for Car Enthusiasts.  The included game play video has the races with 2 favorite cars.  Seems, I am a better driver than I thought.  I actually beat several records via in game.   Check it out.

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