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We have Nest Protect (Smoke Detector) and Nest Thermostat products installed in our home.  Was restructuring the network IP address Scheme.  Decided it was time to update the SSID and Passwords for security purposes.  Many articles on network security suggest to place IoT (Internet of Things) devices on the guest networks.  Guest WiFi Networks are great since they don’t allow the IoT devices to see each other or even see network resources other than internet.  As I was configuring the Nest Protects.  I found out through the Google Support webpage to not install these devices on the Guest WiFi networks.  The Nest Devices see the Guest Wireless SSID but can never connect to it.

This YouTube video demonstrates how easy it is to update the WiFi settings on your Nest Protect.  If you are keeping the same SSID WiFi networks but are changing the passwords.  Yes, the video does make it easy to update the Generation 2 Nest Protect product.  Generation 1 products may take extra effort to change/update the settings.  The issue that arose for me was.  What if I need to completely change the SSID and passwords?  Keep the original router with the same settings.  Have a spare 2nd wireless router and configure that router with the new settings.  Migrate from the old SSID to the new SSID.  Once you are done migrating everything over.  On the original wireless router you configure it for the new settings.  I had to temporarily re-purpose my 2nd wireless that I use as a wireless bridge from the network security cameras to finish this job and make it easier.

Everything is in working order.

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