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UPS Battery Replacement

My Desktop UPS CyberPower 1350AVR battery died. I had purchased this unit since 2014.  The unit has served me well and saved my video rendering projects during a power outage.  At first I presumed either one of two things.  A. The unit is completely dead due to the screen flashing.  I may have to purchase another one for $150 on a new unit.  B. When I disconnected the unit and tried to turn it on, It would shut off.  Meaning it maybe the battery finally died. Which can be replaced.

Search Engines are your best resource.  I found this person’s blog about the same issue I was having.  Then going onto YouTube to see how the battery would be replaced.  Since the documentation is not all there for these models.

CyberPower 1350AVR Battery Replacement Videos:

  1. Video 1
  2. Video 2
  3. Video 3

For the CyberPower EC650LCD unit that runs my Home Security Cameras.  I figured I might as well replace all of the batteries of the UPS at once.  This unit was purchased in July 2017.  This one has a bit of hypocrisy and irony.  The product documentation states that a qualified technician to swap out the battery only.  The other option is to replace the whole unit once its dead. You can not find the battery that goes with this model.  That is not being green when the label on the unit says its the Eco model.  On the Amazon product page on the reviews.  There were many people on there stating on how they replaced the battery.  Then I found this video that the company itself shows you how to replace the battery on that same model.  The one thing they forgot to mention was the user needs a Torx10 Security bit to unlock the screws.  In addition to what type of battery.  I went to the UPS, turned it all off.  Used my Torx 10 Security bit and removed the cover and took a picture of the battery.  Then I went to the battery online stores and found the exact same battery.

Last battery to replace will be the Tripp-Lite UPS which also got purchased around 2017.  It powers the Freenas System and has worked great so far.  Doing the math on replacing the batteries or replacing the whole unis.  To replace whole new units at the current price would be $228 for the Tripp-Lite, $144.95 for the Desktop Unit and $72.95 for the Security UPS. Total comes out to $445.90 that is not including sales tax and shipping.  The official battery for the Desktop unit comes out to 70 dollars for 2 units.  The batteries I ordered for all 3 systems which is a total of 5 batteries.  Comes out to $71.00, free shipping.  For the Desktop Unit came out to $29.00 that comes with 2 units, Another $29.00 for the Rack UPS and another $18.00 for one battery for the Security UPS.  Found a promo code and pushed the price from $78 to $71.00. This is the company I purchased them from.  Another highly recommended online store is this place that was mentioned by some of the YouTubers.

Steps to replace Battery is the same:

Step 1: Power Off devices that are connected on the UPS and unplug everything that connected to the UPS
Step 2: Power Off UPS
Step 3: Unplug the UPS from the wall outlet
Step 4: RTFM twice or Video.  If the information is very limited, take pictures or video to have something to reference to in case.
Step 5: Do or Do Not there is no Try – Yoda.  Replace the batteries. Keeping Notes where the red and black wires go.  Specifically when connecting two batteries.
Step 6: Put everything back together on the UPS, then connect all the devices to the UPS.
Step 7: Then Turn on UPS.  Do a test function and you are good.

CyberPower EC650LCD Battery Removal

Tripp-Lite SMART1500LCD

CyberPower 1350 AVR

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