San Gabriel Unified School District

Employed from April 2006 to August 2015.  One of three District Technicians, who were responsible for 5 Elementary, 1 Junior High, and 2 High Schools computer infrastructure.  Here are some of the Training Videos that I created during my employment with San Gabriel Unified School District.  Along with the photos I took of the computer labs I co-managed.  I filmed, created, and edited over 90 videos for training purposes in the Department.  Which drastically cut down training time and retention. Only displaying the videos that do not have sensitive information.  The videos are unlisted on YouTube.

District IT Office & Desk 2015:  The pictures of my desk area and IT department.  The office was filled with plenty of summer projects that were being worked on.

Here are some of the pictures of the Promethean Interactive projectors we supported at that time.  As Techs we would troubleshoot, replace the bulbs, and when needed upgraded the projector.

District Loft Training Room 2015: Us District Techs setup this Loft Training Room.  We setup the network cabling and brought over power to the laptops from the wall.  We installed the cable raceway on the walls for the network cables.  In addition to re-imaging over 30 laptops.  Configuring and trainer’s desk with a Promethean Interactive Board which helped presenters.

Coolidge Elementary Computer Lab 2015: Setup the whole computer lab.  Worked with the Site Technician on the computer lab image. Re-imaged all of these computers prior for the new school year.

McKinley Elementary Computer Lab 2015: This lab got new computers.  I helped set them up and also co-created the image for these iMacs.  Got them ready before the new school year.

Jefferson Middle School – E113 Computer Lab 2015: Did the initial setup and configuration of this computer lab.  Worked with the Computer Teacher on the computer image for the lab.  Also these computers were binded to our Windows Domain.  Which worked well for students login authentication.

Jefferson Middle School – Library Lab 2015:  When the new Library/Media Lab was built.  I was tasked with the setting up the mac laptops to dual boot.  I used Clonezilla to image the laptops.  When Teachers or presenters needed MacOS or Windows for their presentations.  We assisted before the meeting to switching over to the correct operating system.

Jefferson Middle School Labs B103 and E213:  B103 was setup initially by the Site Tech and myself.  Every school year I would re-image the computer lab with the latest Mac OS Software.  E213 had initially all mac computers but were replaced with Dell computers for the cost.  All of us District Techs helped in the unboxing, setting up and configuration of this lab.  Both labs were also binded to our Windows Domain environment.

Training the Site Techs on how to Re-image Mac Computers.  I was lead trainer on the topic with my power point slides.

OSX Re-Image

Site Tech Pot Luck 2015: This was the 2nd year where the District Computer Techs made a potluck for our Site Technicians.  It is our way to show appreciation of being on the front lines and helping us and assisting us whenever possible.  Due to popular demand I was requested with making Memphis Dry rub Pork Ribs and Smoked Tri Tip.  The last picture perfectly illustrates how well it was received.

Here are some additional work samples:

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