Orange Unified School District

Employed at Orange Unified School District from August 2015 to July 2017.  These are some of the pictures of the major projects I tackled during my employment with Orange Unified School District.  These are a few of the training videos that I created for the IT Department.  Only displaying the videos that do not have sensitive information.  The videos are unlisted on YouTube.

El Modena High School 2015:  When arriving at El Modena on my first day on the job.  I was taken back at how the tech office was a bit cluttered.  It was just a dumping ground from all of the teachers to send their e-waste and obsolete equipment.  After organizing, cleaning up and having the District Personnel to haul away the retired equipment.  It looked a lot better.  Always felt welcomed since Day #1 on the job which I was grateful for.

Chapman Hills Elementary 2017: During May Chapman Hills Elementary has a Staff appreciation week.  I was taken back when the school went out of their way to include me on their wall of Staff.  Even having students writing notes for me.  I was happy I was able help in anyway.  After all students breaking equipment means there is always stable work for us Techs on campus. It is strange due to Techs being ignored until something breaks.  While on site I made sure computers in the classrooms, teacher equipment and the Chromebook carts were in running order.  I would take the time to make sure the cables were plugged in.  In addition to making sure devices were updated to the latest software.

Orange High School Room 308: While working at Orange High School on my scheduled days.  Another Tech and myself tag teamed this lab and installed the AP Chinese Exam for students to take in the coming days.  We had to install and test each computer to make sure it was working.  Also getting a nice thank you from Teachers for fixing their equipment.

Portola Middle School Computer Lab 701: The School’s Librarian wanted to upgrade the computer in this lab from another class that was not being used.  I dismantled and separated the equipment.  Moved over the computers and set them up to working order.  It took a matter of a few days and it came out better than expected.  The old equipment was retired to e-waste.

Here are some additional work samples:

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