Los Alamitos Unified School District

The pictures were taken for the projects that I worked on during my employment at Los Alamitos Unified School District from July 2017 to January 2018.

In addition creating a few training videos for the IT Department. Only displaying the videos that do not have sensitive information.  The videos are unlisted on YouTube.

These are additional training videos that I was working on that did not complete.  The videos are the base that needed some minor editing for time, intro and voice over.There were a lot more video ideas that I was planning on creating.  That I was not able to complete.

Site Tech Office/ My Work Area:  This is my work area when I first arrived.  With time I customized it for my use.

Computer Labs:  These are the computer labs that were re-imaged prior to the start of the new school year.

Chromebook Carts: These were the many Chromebook Carts that I was solely responsible for maintaining.  Replacing cracked monitors, keyboards, track pads, batteries and AC Bricks.

Chromebook Repairman: There were a lot of broken Chromebooks with usable parts that were being ignored in many boxes.  I took the initiative and started to disassemble and assembled many units for classroom use.  In addition to having a nice bank of parts for repair for other Chromebook carts for the entire High School.  Saving the school a lot of money by not having to go out and buy many parts.

Career Center: Re-imaging the Career Center computers to Windows 10 prior to the school year starting.

Media Center/Library: Re-imaging the Media Center computers with a fresh image.  Getting the computers ready for student use for the new school year.

Media Center New Chromebook Cart:  The library was going digital and purchased a two Chromebook carts with Chromebook laptops.  I assembled the carts, wired the AC bricks, and connected the laptops to the cart.  Also making sure each Chromebook was turned on, enrolled to the MDM and connected to the network.

CTE New Upgraded Computers: This new CTE classroom had purchased new computers.  Unboxed, wired, connected and re-imaged the computers for student use.

Room 756 Before and After: Prior to the start of the new school year.  This lab was re-imaged to Windows 10.  Then during the winter break the High School had decided to purchase newer desktop computers for the classroom.  Once the new desktop computers came in.  The computers were unboxed, connected, wired, imaged, and binded to our Windows Domain.

Here are some additional work samples:

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